Merit Circle DAO & Vorto to co-launch MMO-RTS game, Hash Rush

We are extremely excited to officially announce the launch of massive multiplayer online (MMO) real-time strategy (RTS) game Hash Rush in collaboration with Vorto. The Merit Circle DAO and Vorto go way-back and we’re thrilled to embark on this journey together. This game will not only bring a fun experience to the industry but, simultaneously, become a valuable component of the Merit Circle DAO.

Join us as we travel through the mystical worlds of the Hermeian Galaxy and see how you can be the first to try out the new game!

What is Hash Rush?

In a distant universe an unfortunate event disrupts the entire Hermeian Galaxy. The unknown Crystal Scourge’ appears through a Crystal Storm that affects all aspects of life within the galaxy. Nothing is the same and the question is whether things will ever return to the way they were before the storm. You, as the player, have the important task of cleansing the planets of the Crystal Scourge within the galaxy.

As a free-to-play MMO-RTS game, Hash Rush is rich in the features and habits of similar games of its genre. Players need to harvest resources, construct buildings and recruit units. After gathering enough troops, it’s on you to defend against the Crystal Scourge, turn the tides and destroy their bases to win the match.

While it draws inspiration from renowned titles like Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Heroes of Might, Magic and Diablo, Hash Rush is not your ordinary RTS game. That said, there will be three game modes: standard (RTS), Dungeon and Boss Assault. Conquer your planet in a standard game, traverse into dark and claustrophobic dungeons in the Dungeon mode and defeat the bosses in an all-out war mode against the biggest creatures in the game.

With all this and more in the works, the ambition is to not only create a fun and exciting game but also a player-owned economy.

Thriving ecosystem

The difference between Hash Rush and other games operating in the web3 space is the motivation behind its build. Instead of attempting something new that just happens to be a game, Vorto has consciously been working on this game for a long time. The aim has always been to build a really good game first and focus on the on-chain possibilities second. Together they make a powerful combination.

Although exact details remain under wraps for now, Hash Rush will have tons of items that can be owned by players, starting with the heroes, equipment and a unique crafting system. Remaining the balance between items that can be owned and freely exchanged, and those that should simply remain in-game is a challenge, but an exciting one to say the least.

Varying items through different game modes will stimulate players to actively play the various game modes, and will also enforce a sudden stability within the marketplace. More details will be announced in due course, but Vorto is continuing, as it has for some time now, to analyze the entire crypto gaming market. In addition, Merit Circle will advise on creating a sustainable economy that works for all parties involved.

Collaborative launch with the Merit Circle DAO

Having a strong, established relationship between the leadership team of the Merit Circle DAO and Vorto, the studio developing Hash Rush, the collaborative launch has been imminent. We’ve been advising on Hash Rush since the game was in its infancy. Now, following months of development, weeks of discussions, real-life meet-ups and much more, it’s time for the game to see the light of day.

Unlike our other investments, the Merit Circle DAO will not only function as an investor but also as an advisor. On top of that, there will be a way in which the DAO will benefit from the game’s revenue. Details are yet to be ironed out but it’s enticing for both sides. Opening up our facilities to Hash Rush, we’re confident we can also assist with the go-to market strategy.

One example of how we can all be winners lies within the Sphere NFT marketplace. As a blockchain game, Hash Rush has tons of assets that can be exchanged on our native marketplace. Sphere will play an instrumental role in the mint, primarily listing and as a secondary sales platform for all the in-game assets. We’re delighted to start this journey with such a promising partnership.

As always, we will aim to reward our community wherever possible. Merit Circle gamers, $MC tokenholders and community members can expect to enjoy some unique benefits, which will be revealed in the near future.

Driving value to the DAO

As mentioned, this is not an ordinary investment. Hash Rush will be a collaborative launch in which the game has an independent development team with the Merit Circle DAO as an extension of this team whenever necessary. Think of complementing web3 infrastructure, smart contract development, funding assistance, content creation and marketing assistance.

As we proceed and the game progresses, we are determined to find ways for Hash Rush to contribute to the overall growth of the Merit Circle DAO. Adopting the game into the DAO’s ecosystem will stimulate growth in other areas. When Sphere, our investments, gaming department and other sections of the DAO benefit, so will Hash Rush.

In turn, by helping Hash Rush to become a healthy and highly enjoyable game, there’s huge potential to grow the Merit Circle DAO’s base. By driving thousands, if not millions, of players into the world of Merit Circle, the DAO could seriously benefit financially. We’ve all seen how big games can get; we’re ready to be next.

Ready to start playing?

Have you been reading with your fingers itching to scroll through the game and show others what you’re worth? You don’t have to wait long! The closed beta will be opening up its gates on the 1st of September 2022. The open beta will open up two weeks later on the 15th of September 2022.

Those eager to participate will have to acquire a Vorto Key through the official marketplace or in the promotional events launched by Vorto or their affiliated partners.Coincide has it that if you’re reading this, you can apply to be among the selected few to play the game first. Simply fill in your details here, and we’ll be in touch with the lucky winners.

One of the biggest new features within this beta version is Dungeons. This game mode is completely separate from the standard mode previously available. Players select their team of units and venture in the claustrophobic halls and corridors of biome specific dungeons. At the end of the dungeon there is a boss that if defeated will drop equipment cores, key components in crafting and other goodies.

This beta is another step in the direction of a fully playable, exciting and captivating game including play-and-earn features, a sustainable economy and freely exchangeable assets. We can’t wait to show you more and we are eager to welcome you on this journey with us!

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