Merit Circle partners with MMORPG-lite Tatsumeeko

We are excited to announce our partnership with Tatsumeeko, a MMORPG-lite game with an expansive fantasy world that integrates Discord and mobile communities. Tatsumeeko is effectively opening the gates of web3 to thousands of gamers worldwide. As part of our partnership, Merit Circle has invested $200,000.

What is Tatsumeeko?

Tatsumeeko is an MMORPG-lite game that will be playable on iOS, Android, Web, Discord, and other chat platforms, integrating mobile communities and connecting them with a rich and modern fantasy RPG world. It incorporates idle-gameplay elements with a multiclass character system and is designed to be played mainly through Discord itself.

Across the vast expanse of the cosmos, evil forces conspired to obtain the power of the gods. As darkness engulfed the universe, the fight between good and evil raged on. One by one, each god fell until one remained. With her last breath, the wounded goddess cast a spell, summoning brave souls from across all realities to enter the fantasy world of Ielia.

Players awaken in the mysterious lands of Steyria, full of magic and advanced technology. Alongside friends and community members, players travel through these lands, building up their teams of characters and battling evil bent on destroying Ielia.

Magic & technology in one realm

With an unexplored world full of characters to unlock, gear to acquire and magic to cast, there is a lot waiting for players in Ielia. To help them find their footing, Tatsumeeko includes daily quests that are distributed through content passes. By completing quests, players can unlock new cosmetics, skins, gear and earn the currency of the in-game economy.

As they progress through the game, missions become harder and take longer to complete. Tatsumeeko also features ‘World difficulty modifiers’ that scales up the difficulty, forcing players to collaborate with one another to clear tough challenges and boss fights. This also incentivizes players to spend their in-game tokens in the secondary market, buying what they need to complete the next level.

Upgrade with $IGS

The economy in Tatsumeeko is supported in part by $IGS. This currency governs Pets, Minions, Personal Dimension development and Cosmetics. Players are rewarded with $IGS through content passes, completing daily tasks and lastly through competing in PvP. The governance token, $MKLN, has deep value accrual systems and is rewarded to dedicated players, and also to players that monetize and enable the platform.

The dual-token model has proven to be successful in many cases but comes with its own challenges. Taking experience from previous projects in the GameFi industry, Tatsumeeko is ensuring longevity and sustainability through its expansive economic model.

Merit Circle x Tatsumeeko

At Merit Circle, we are always excited to work with gaming studios that seek to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 spaces. Encompassed in that is bringing together communities that grow across various social platforms. Finding a way to connect them brings us one step closer to a global, decentralized community.

Fun fact: through its Tatsu Bot, the team already has a working product with over 62 million users. Anyone who’s keen to check out the world of Tatsumeeko can try existing features such as ‘Tatsugotchi’ and the housing system.

“Tatsu Works is proud to be partnering with one of the largest gaming DAOs, Merit Circle. With their extensive experience in Web3 gaming and strong community base, a long term partnership with Merit Circle will be invaluable in giving Tatsumeeko exposure to a strong, involved community as well as provide expertise in helping to grow and develop Tatsumeeko for both Web2 and Web3 audiences around the world.” — David Lim, CEO & Creative Director

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