Merit Circle partners with gaming publishing platform, Gmatrix

In an effort to bring structure and infrastructure to the entire blockchain gaming industry, Gmatrix is developing an omni-chain platform that provides game developers with an all-in-one solution to seamlessly integrate decentralization into their games. As part of our partnership, Merit Circle has invested $250,000 and is taking on an advisory role.

What is Gmatrix?

Gmatrix is an omni-chain platform that provides traditional game developers with an all-in-one solution to seamlessly transition into decentralized game development. Combining one-touch SDK access with stand-alone blockchain services and a native publishing platform, the team behind Gmatrix aim to drastically reduce the technical difficulties that are faced when developing and maintaining blockchain-based games.

With nearly three billion gamers worldwide, it’s estimated that the gaming industry will be worth $218 billion by 2024. Currently, only a tiny fraction of this market is captured by games in the Web3 space, which has been mostly dominated by simulation and combat strategy games. Building such games not only requires a high level of understanding of the complex blockchain technology that underpins it but also a strong focus on the user’s experience.

Laser-sharp focus

Building a game is extremely difficult and takes way more than simply developing an experience that is enjoyable. Games should not only be fun, but also rewarding and challenging. However, building a game within the web3 space requires an even more delicate approach. Think about a sustainable model, alternate marketing efforts and engaging with your community. The wide variety of attention points often result in a lack of detail in sudden areas.

This disparity is what spurred the team behind Gmatrix into action, creating the first omni-chain publishing platform. Through its easy-to-use SDK interface, developers only need to complete one integration to make their game available to players across multiple chains. With its native marketplace and NFT launchpad, the Gmatrix platform provides developers with all the tools and support they need. This lets them focus more closely on the game itself, leaving the intricacies of blockchain technology in Gmatrix’s capable hands.

A dual token model built around $GMS

The Gmatrix platform is supported by an interesting dual token model. The primary token is $GMS, which has far more utility than simply that of governance. Within the Gmatrix ecosystem, developers can stake it in order to gain access to the SDK. Meanwhile, users can also stake it through liquidity mining programs to access its Launchpad. Ultimately, it will be used as a currency in the NFT marketplace and in Launchpad.

Then there are the in-game tokens issued by the games themselves, like $SLP for Axie Infinity. Games developers who choose to launch through the platform must set up their in-game liquidity with a $GMS/game token LP pair. This ensures that the token remains functional in the running of the platform and incentivizes the platform users to hold it.

Merit Circle x Gmatrix

The team at Gmatrix have a well-defined vision: revolutionizing the gaming industry. We are thrilled to be partnering with a project that so aptly mirrors Merit Circle’s ethos. As a prominent DAO in the market, we are also focused on promoting the adoption of Web3 technology in this space. Complete, easy-to-use platforms like Gmatrix will help reduce the barrier to entry for traditional developers and serve as a stepping stone to begin learning more about blockchain technology.

As part of our partnership, Merit Circle has invested $250,000 and taken on an advisory role. We are excited to collaboratively explore the realms of technology in this new space, and can’t wait to see what opportunities Gmatrix brings to the table.

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