Merit Circle partners with NFT-based dungeon crawler, Crypto Raiders

Dungeon crawlers have been a long-standing favorite amongst fantasy RPGs; where gamers become heroes as they traverse dark dungeons, solving puzzles, looting treasure and defeating monsters.

We are excited to be partnering with a team that is bringing another fan-favorite game into the web3 gaming community with Crypto Raiders; a sustainable and player-driven dungeon crawler. As part of the partnership, Merit Circle has invested $400,000.

What is Crypto Raiders?

Crypto Raiders is a highly-interactive NFT-based dungeon crawler, built on the Polygon network. It includes PvE game modes such as a weekly dungeon, as well as an ‘Endless’ dungeon that can be entered once a day. The game will also feature a PvP dueling mode, where raiders take on one another in tournaments for in-game rewards. Players enter the battle-ridden lands of Airium, where the forces of good and evil are pitted against each other in an eternal battle; and are presented with a choice. Players can either join the raiders or own the dangerous mobs that feed on them.

To enter the dungeons as a raider, players must choose from four race (humans, elves, cyborgs and skeletons), traverse the ever-expanding maze of tunnels to earn gear, level up their character and defeat the hordes of mobs lurking within. The game also includes a route for passive players, allowing them to take ownership of mobs that range from banshees to basilisks and earn a portion of a defeated raider’s gear and tokens.

By gamers, for gamers

Crypto Raiders takes on a player-centric approach, made possible by incorporating blockchain technology into the game. It has a rich economy, where every character a player uses, any loot they find or enemy they come across is represented by NFT assets. These assets are owned by players, giving them full control over the decision making. They can be sold, used to upgrade raiders or traded on the marketplace. On top of this, questing materials are represented as ERC-20 tokens and can be traded via the in-game merchant through player-seeded liquidity pools. This ensures that the demand and supply of in-game items accurately reflects its usage by players in the game.

Each week, Raiders receive five dungeon runs which can be used in the PvE modes or the PvP dueling mode. While there are many races of raiders, these are primarily cosmetic differences and have no effect on the gameplay. The generation of raider, however, does influence the bonus that players receive in dungeons. For an additional challenge, the game offers players the option of permadeath. A word of caution: this means every time a player enters a dungeon, they risk losing their raider!

Enter the raider economy

The robust gameplay and economy of Crypto Raiders is supported by a dual token system. The governance token, $RAIDER, can be locked in order to be used in voting for proposals regarding the future of the game. By staking it, players own a portion of the economy and earn fees generated from in-game and on-chain spending of $AURUM, the in-game currency. This is used in all Crypto Raiders activities, from potion crafting to recruiting raiders and can also be earned by selling materials and loot gained during dungeon hunts and tournaments.

In order to further reduce the barriers to play the game, these tokens can be purchased on the Polygon network, significantly reducing the transaction fees for gamers.

Merit Circle x Crypto Raiders

At the Merit Circle DAO, we love partnering with teams that aim to empower gamers through digital ownership and by creating player-centric games. Bringing another fan-favorite genre into the blockchain gaming space allows more web2 gamers to transition into web3; and discover the freedom of owning their progress, in-game items and achievements. We are thrilled to work with Crypto Raiders and are excited to showcase its collection in our upcoming NFT marketplace, Sphere.

Fun fact: the Crypto Raiders’ team is composed of game designers, passionate community members and, most importantly, gamers. Their expertise covers multiple genres of gaming, with some team members even having been former Grand Masters in TCGs!

“Crypto Raiders is excited to explore synergies with Merit Circle and support each other as we continue to build in the web3 gaming space” — Nick Kneuper, CEO

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